How can an AntennaSearch Report help me?

AntennaSearch provies you with detailed information (i.e. location, ownership, contact info, etc.) on both towers and antennas. Additionally, we are the only online service that detects newly filed (or pending) tower applications. Because of these features our reports are typically used to:

+ Scan a given area to assess carrier level cell reception.
+ Expand your reception search beyond towers by looking into specific antennas and determining which carriers are located on specific towers.
+ Pinpoint future towers planned for specific areas.
+ and much more...
What areas do you cover?

Our databases cover the entire US and it's territories.

What's the difference between Towers and Antennas?

Towers are tall structures where antennas are placed. A typical tower may easily hold over 10 antennas for various companies.

Antennas, on the other hand, are the actual emitters of signals for various radio services including cellular, paging and others. Antennas are placed on high towers or can be installed by themselves (stand alone) on top of buildings and other structures.

How do you detect Future Towers?

Future Towers are detected by scanning multiple government databases for both newly filed and pending Tower Applications. If information is found then your AntennaSearch report will show all the available details for the proposed tower including location, ownership data and more. (Please note: Some small Towers (i.e. generally below 200 ft) have laxer registration requirements and may not be detected in a future tower scan.)

How accurate is your information?

Although we take every possible step to insure maximum accuracy, certain inaccuracies inherent in our public sources can occur. Some examples you may encounter include:

+ Towers or Antennas that have been dismantled or removed may appear on a recent AntennaSearch report. This can occur when some public databases are behind in their update schedules.
+ Towers or Antennas with slightly shifted locations. This occurs with older structures whose geo-locations were determined without the benefit of current GPS technology.
What types of Towers and Antennas do you report on?

Our databases contain information on Towers and Antennas used for Cellular, Microwave, Paging, and other commercial purposes.

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